Boost Immunity With MZM’s Magnesium, Zinc, and MSM

What It Means to Boost Your Immunity

Right now more than ever, the need to boost your immunity is high. We hear it every flu season, but what exactly does boosting your immunity entail? The immune system is composed of many hard-working parts that require synchrony for impeccable function, and the best way to improve your immunity is by giving said system all of the nutrients it could need to be its best. Luckily, MZM’s recovery product contains some of the key players in immunity. Read on to find out how to protect yourself against flu season with zinc, MSM, and magnesium!

How Zinc Boosts Immunity

Zinc is an essential mineral, necessary for hundreds of cellular processes. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t make it on their own, and we need to supplement our diets with additional zinc through vitamins or zinc-rich foods. Zinc interacts with the immune system directly, which is why its presence is needed for fighting colds and viruses. 

Additionally, zinc’s other non-immunity roles can still help keep your health! Your skin is actually the first physical barrier against infection. Zinc helps moisturize and protect skin, giving it the nutrients necessary to properly function on a cellular level. Zinc also plays a role in repairing muscle fibers. When your body has sufficient zinc to repair muscular damage, its resources can be focused on healing other things, including healing from bacteria and viruses.

How MSM Boosts Immunity

Methylsulfonylmethane, more often referred to as MSM, is another main ingredient in MZM’s recovery formula. MSM is found naturally in many foods, and helps provide sulfur to the body. Sulfur is a major component of many fats, internal fluids, and minerals. Moreover, sulfur found in proteins interacts with itself, which determines protein structure and function. MSM is known most notably for its ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to injury and infection, which causes swelling, heat, and pain. MSM helps restore the homeostatic balance of the immune system by detoxing cells, resulting in a stronger immune response. 

Much like zinc, MSM also promotes skin health. Through MSM, skin has stronger absorptive powers and experiences anti-inflammatory effects as well. MSM’s anti-inflammatory effects even reach to joints, reducing pain and swelling to promote joint flexibility and strength.

How Magnesium Boosts Immunity

Magnesium plays a more intricate role in immunity, using its indirect benefits to increase whole-body wellness. For one, magnesium increases your muscle function. Magnesium is also popular for its ability to enhance rest and reduce body-wide tension. Magnesium gives your body the strength to power through workouts, and then improves the rest you get, so you can get back to your workouts faster. 

Working out naturally reduces stress hormones, including cortisol. Magnesium’s lowering of tension and stress also reduces cortisol. Because cortisol can be greatly detrimental to immunity, magnesium’s regulation of said stress hormones can be essential in equipping your systems against sickness. Even if you do get sick, magnesium may be able to help you recover faster by enhancing the rest you take.

Staying Healthy With a Good Immune System

Putting your body first is essential, and MZM is here to help. We know that supplementing your daily routine can be cumbersome, which is why our recovery lotion is simple to apply. Essential ingredients like magnesium, zinc, and MSM are clearly essential to our bodies’ well-being, both in the immune system and beyond.

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