Does Zinc Help My Muscles?

The Benefits of Zinc for Your Muscles

Zinc is a mineral that naturally enhances the function and performance of your muscles, raising the quality of your day to day activities. Many are unaware of the natural benefits of zinc, despite research showing an incredible need for it in our bodies. The fact that zinc is found in every single one of your cells is a dead giveaway: your body needs it to function. However, looking into the specific processes zinc employs and regulates gives a greater understanding of your muscles, and the ways adding more zinc to your daily routine might change the way you move and recover.

Basic Cellular Function

Zinc is needed for the basic everyday functions of your body like kick starting cell division, regulating hormone production, improving immunity, and facilitating digestion. Zinc also acts as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body, as it is present in all bodily tissue needed for healthy cell function. This is why zinc deficiency often manifests itself in the breakdown of some of your body’s most essential processes. Zinc also interacts with your immune cells, activating them for fighting off harmful bacteria throughout your body. It is also a soothing agent for your skin when applied topically, and has strengthening qualities that acts as a protective coating. Zinc also moisturizes dry and chapped skin, shielding the good in and protecting against the bad.

Repairs Muscle Fibers

When you try a new workout routine, have an activity-filled day, or simply move in a way that you’re not used to, you may wake up the next morning with sore and stiff muscles. This is caused by your muscles adapting to your level of activity. They tear apart and damage during the peak of your activity so that they can begin the process of rebuilding and growing back stronger. Zinc takes on a lead role in muscle recovery most notably by stimulating protein synthesis. Not only does protein synthesis rebuild your muscles, but it is the reason your muscles are more resistant to getting sore the next time around. The effects of zinc to improve muscle strength and increase lean muscle mass are linked to zinc’s hormone regulation throughout the body.

How To Give Your Body Enough Zinc

There are many different methods of supplying your body with more zinc, but which is the most effective? And most importantly, which is right for your body? Zinc supplements may be helpful, but the level of absorption is questionable. Zinc can be absorbed in natural foods like wheat, seeds, red meat, beans, eggs, mushrooms, salmon, and cocoa. However, most people do not get sufficient amounts of zinc from their diet because of the level of processing that food goes through before it is consumed. The more processed the food, the less zinc your body will be able to absorb from it. Zinc is popularly applied to the topically, and shows effective results when absorbed through the skin. MZM Muscle Recovery Lotion combines magnesium, zinc, and MSM in a soothing lotion format. This lotion allows these nutrients to sink into the body with effects that speed up muscle recovery, enhance rest, sooth skin, and improve overall muscle function. The benefits of zinc for your body are indisputable, but finding the right method and format can be difficult. The benefits of absorbing zinc in your daily routine will enhance the quality of your muscle function and recovery.