How Does Zinc Help Your Body?

Zinc’s Important Role in the Body

Zinc is an important mineral found throughout the body, responsible for many different functions. Zinc helps catalyze the activity of over 100 different enzymes, and sufficient amounts of it are essential for achieving your body’s peak performance. While only a small intake of zinc is necessary to feel the full benefits, people who exercise may soon realize that getting extra zinc would help their recovery and healing routines. It’s also possible to not be getting enough zinc in general. A zinc deficiency can be the result of not getting enough dietary zinc, or consuming foods with compounds that make it harder to absorb dietary zinc. Therefore, using MZM is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re hitting all of your zinc requirements. Here’s some of the ways zinc helps your body be its best.

Zinc and the Immune System

Zinc works within the immune system, and the immune system needs zinc to fight off invading bacteria and viruses. This is because zinc controls and regulates immune responses, while also attacking infected or cancerous cells. It can even reduce the symptoms of illness while you’re sick, especially ones that would otherwise pose a huge danger, like diarrhea, which leaves the body dehydrated. Low levels of zinc can make someone more susceptible to disease and illness, which is why you’ll often find zinc in lozenges and syrups taken for the common cold and its symptoms. It is believed that increased zinc in this form can help with illness recovery if taken within 24 hours of coming down with a cold.

Zinc and Important Molecule Production

As your body exercises, it replenishes proteins that were used and creates new cells. The body needs zinc to perform essential functions, including making proteins. It’s also necessary to create DNA, which is the genetic material of all cells. Low zinc can result in decreased protein synthesis, and true deficiencies can even alter gene expression and mRNA expression.

Zinc and Skin Health & Healing

Zinc plays an integral role in skin health and healing. Zinc is one of the minerals that helps maintain the skin’s integrity and structure. This can be incredibly important for those suffering from zinc deficiency-related illnesses, like skin ulcers. Zinc also helps wounds heal, and topical zinc specifically enhances re-epithelialization. It also possesses the ability to decrease inflammation and reduce bacterial growth, which is not only beneficial in general but may help with more common skin conditions like acne.

Zinc and Sensory Ability

One of zinc’s more subtle involvements in the body is within sensory organs. It’s important for proper sense of taste and smell, and helps preserve associated cells found in the mouth, nose, and eyes. In older adults, zinc can help slow age-related macular degeneration, which is an eye disease that causes gradual vision loss by damaging the retina. While its role here may seem insignificant, especially for those on the younger side, forget not that sensory ability is directly tied to hand-eye coordination – a huge facet of any exercise program or regimen.

How MZM’s Zinc Can Help Your Body

MZM is made up of the best ingredients possible to foster fast and effective recovery, and seeing how zinc affects the body certainly shows that. With zinc, magnesium, and MSM, you’ll be feeling, moving, and living better in no time. Find the ideal recovery regimen you’ve been searching for now on our website.

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