How Muscle Fibers Repair Themselves With Zinc

Repairing Damaged Muscle Fibers Through Zinc

We’ve all experienced soreness, and it’s a feeling we know just a little too well. You hit the gym, eat a healthy meal, and head to bed, only to be greeted the next morning with aches, pains, and stiffness. What’s the deal? The answer might be simpler than you thought. While working out is a comprehensive activity that requires dynamic solutions, including stretching, nutrition, rest, and more, your body may simply be lacking zinc! Zinc is a mineral that functions as a micronutrient, playing a vital role in many essential processes. Zinc is necessary for immune system functioning, skin health, and most importantly, healing. When it seems like your muscles aren’t recovering at the rate you’d prefer, adding zinc is the perfect way to jumpstart that recovery.

The Repair Process

Feeling stiffness following a workout is often referred to as “DOMS,” or delayed-onset muscle soreness. Because it occurs after an activity, many people may not be able to determine its precise cause, or which exercise is resulting in soreness. No matter where it comes from, DOMS is the result of microscopic tears in muscles. These tears are not inherently a bad thing; they occur when your muscles undergo a level of stress, exercise, or activity that pushes them to a new level. They tend to cause inflammation and pain, which helps bring repair molecules to the site of injury as well as prevent you from exerting the muscle until its healed. The bright side to this pain is that after healing, your muscle is better equipped to handle this level of stress again – which can also be seen as you getting stronger. How does this process work? Read on to find out!

Damage Occurs

Exercise-induced muscle damage, also known as EIMD, is the result of exercise that goes beyond the load your muscle is accustomed to. In order to prevent further damage, the muscle becomes sore and swollen. The muscle also experiences a temporary decrease in muscle force production.

Muscle Signaling

Once injured, a series of signals are let off by the injured tissue. This signals trigger satellite cells that had been dormant. Satellite cells are also known as muscle stem cells, which can give rise to either new skeletal muscle cells or more satellite cells.

Satellite Cells

Once activated, satellite cells form one new dormant cell and one proliferating cell by replicating themselves. Proliferating cells are cells that grow or multiply. These proliferating satellite cells can either patch the original damage, or form new fibers entirely. Following this process, miscellaneous cells from elsewhere, like the bone marrow, also jump in to help.

The Role of Zinc

Zinc is an essential element, and a deficiency in zinc is linked to reduced wound healing and tissue repair. While it’s difficult for most people to experience a significant deficiency in zinc, a reduced bioavailability of zinc may result in failure of growth, dermatitis, impaired immunity, and delayed healing.

Membrane Repair

Having the ability to repair membranes on a dynamic level is essential for a cell to maintain its integrity and function. Recent studies have shown that an absence of zinc resulted in compromised membrane repair capacity. In a scientific study, removing extracellular zinc impaired the ability of MG53-containing vesicles to translocate to necessary injury sites. Because MG53 is a cardiac and skeletal muscle-specific protein with a range of biologic functions, a lack of zinc ultimately prevents healing.

Preventing Degradation

In recent years, zinc has been shown to have links to human afflictions such as cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Without zinc, membranes are at risk of both poor repair methods and degradation. Defective membrane repair could be a key player in muscular dystrophy and cardiomyopathy, and targeting zinc and its concentration could be essential in preventing diseases resulting from a compromised capacity to repair membranes.

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