Natural Relief From Muscle Soreness

Discovering Muscle Recovery That Works

When it comes to recovery, there are two kinds. The first type of recovery is short-term, which is the recovery that your body engages in immediately after working out. The measures taken bring your body back to baseline, and include slowing your heart rate, lowering your body temperature, ceasing to produce sweat, and reducing inflammation in your muscles. This type of recovery can be thought of as the things that tend to occur during your cool down. The second type of recovery is long-term, and it’s much harder to notice. After weeks of working out, you’ll see physical differences, but the real changes take place inside your body. The repair processes of your body go into overdrive in order to repair damaged muscles, replace energy stores, remove exercise by-products and waste, and adapt to your new workout regimine. 

What many don’t understand is that your training is not what makes you stronger, but your recovery is. Without proper recovery, the exercises you perform put stress on your body without any of the benefits. You’re more likely to experience any number of injuries, including strains, sprains, fractures, breaks, and more. Even without injury, you’ll likely feel fatigued and discouraged from wanting to push yourself again. Of course, recovery isn’t always easy, and finding solutions that work for your body requires a lot of trial and error. Out of all things recovery, the soreness is the worst for many, and can range from simple aches and pains to full blown delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Learn about natural pain relief for your muscle with MZM.

Natural Pain Relief for Muscle Soreness

Whether it’s serious soreness after an event or the daily soreness associated with your training, aches and pains are your body’s way of communicating a need for recovery. There are many people who seek to treat these symptoms without synthetic drugs, and natural muscle aids can be incredibly beneficial. All of MZM’s ingredients are naturally-occurring micronutrients, and offer relief through supplying essential components of bodily reactions.

MZM’s Recipe

MZM’s recipe contains ingredients that work for everyone’s muscle soreness, as well as improving how you feel body-wide.


Magnesium is a mineral that helps improve muscle function and enhances rest. It also reduces the stress and tension you feel, both as a result of your workouts and that which you encounter in your daily life.


Zinc is another mineral, and its job is to help your body build cells. Because of this, zinc repairs damaged muscle fibers after a workout, strengthens your health by aiding the formation of immune cells, and even soothes skin through moisturizing and protecting it.


Unlike magnesium and zinc, MSM is a naturally-occurring chemical found in plants, animals, and people. MSM helps supply sulfur to the body, which is essential for the synthesis of certain key proteins. Through this, MSM reduces inflammation, improves joints’ flexibility and strength, and works in synchrony with zinc to promote skin health.

MZM’s Effect on Post-Workout Pain

MZM’s formula is specifically designed to enhance your recovery, regardless of your discipline, workout, or regimen. Not only does MZM help provide your body with the necessary nutrients for muscular healing and repair, but it enhances your rest, immunity, joints, and skin health. With MZM, tomorrow’s workout is something you’re always prepared for the night before.
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