Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery with the Same Resolve

Muscle recovery is the process of muscles to re-energize and repair after working out and moving through the day. A period of recovery is crucial for muscles to heal and grow, but with MZM, it no longer requires taking time away from the active lifestyle you love. Our lotion gives muscles the fuel they need to recover quickly and without compromise.

Move. Recover. Repeat.

Magnesium, Zinc, and MSM are the essential ingredients in MZM recovery lotion. This combination gives your muscles everything they need to recover faster, allowing you to break the cycle of soreness and get back out there. Muscle recovery in a way that has never been done, for those who will never be done.

Keep Moving

A body in motion stays in motion, and we are here to ensure that your muscles have everything they need to stay the course. Eating right, stretching, and proper rest combined with our lotion allows you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Recover Faster

Enjoy the benefits of our lotion as it absorbs into your muscles and goes to work. Our essential ingredients ensure that your body receives everything it needs to calm, heal, and replenish so that you can recover faster.

Elevate Yourself

Our muscle recovery lotion was created so that you can own the day. We love hearing the impact MZM has made on the lives of people who have added our lotion to their daily routine. We take pride in giving people the ability to reach their full potential.

Made for Your Daily Routine

Not all recovery is created equal. Epsom salt baths work, but they are a hassle. Supplements work, but they can be harsh on the stomach and have negative side effects. Taking care of your body is important, and muscle recovery should be a part of you routine. Magnesium, Zinc, and MSM combined in a lotion is our solution for fast, effective, daily muscle recovery.

Our Cutting-Edge Combination

These are the essential nutrients inside MZM recovery lotion for faster, more effective muscle recovery.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that leads muscle recovery by improving muscle function, enhancing rest and relaxation, and reducing tension.


Zinc leads the rebuilding processes of recovery. It leads muscle repair and growth and defends against harmful bacteria and toxins from the inside out.


MSM’s powerful qualities work to reduce swelling and flush out soreness, keeping the muscles from becoming stiff and fatigued.

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Recovery Redefined

In order to repair and strengthen muscles, both forms of recovery are essential.


Active recovery happens when the body is in motion: walking, biking, and carrying out the activities of everyday life. MZM supports active recovery by absorbing quickly into the skin and moving with you.


Passive recovery happens in sleep, when the body is able to shut down and repair itself from within. MZM benefits passive recovery with the relaxing qualities of magnesium for deeper sleep.

They’re Rubbing It In

Brad G.

It relaxes me and allows my body to rest for optimal performance on the mat, the bike, and in life overall.

Clarrel P.

When I apply the lotion I feel less sore, get a better night’s sleep, and feel ready for the next day

Sean L.

It absorbs right into my sore muscles, providing relief and enabling me to get going again with whatever activity is next.

Jack S.

After retiring from professional soccer, recovering from workouts would take days. After using the lotion, my recovery time is back to when I was in my prime.

Alex B.

I do a lot of cardio in the form of running and rollerblading. Thanks to MZM my recovery has become less about dealing with pain and more about planning my next brink session!

Julie B.

After my rides I had sharp pains in my legs. I applied the lotion, and the next day I had no pain or issues.

Christian A.

I absolutely love this lotion. It helps you avoid being sore the day after a hard workout. I love not being sore!!

Kim I.

MZM gets me back on the beach volleyball court faster by reducing how sore I am.

Michael S.

I apply it after I workout and my soreness is reduced substantially. I’m also experiencing the best, most restful sleep of my life because of it.

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